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Elevating Your Small Business: Top 5 Benefits of Brand Photography for Entrepreneurs

Running a small business is no easy task. It’s thousands of tasks all wrapped into one entity – am I right?!

With a growing to-do list, it’s important to utilize your energy and resources wisely. Find yourself asking questions like…If I invest revenue into paid advertising, will I see the return? Is it totally necessary to spend more time doing cold outreach to potential clients or should I take that time and invest it into generating more content that would appeal to potential clients?

These questions, or rather the balancing questions, are what I’d imagine you’ve asked yourself a few times since beginning your business journey.

So what is one investment of time and money that completely pays off?

Hi…you’re here…so I’m going to say a big one is brand photography. And allow me tell you why…

Brand photography is an investment you can make into your small business that will give you more value than just having pretty pictures. Here are five key advantages to brand photography:

1. Builds Trust & Credibility

High-quality, professional images convey a sense of legitimacy and professionalism, increasing trust with potential customers. Polished images through out your marketing and online presence tells viewers that you mean business (literally and figuratively) – you’re a professional and the service you provide is legitimate.

2. Allows You to Stand Out

Standing out in a saturated online market place is critical to a business’ success. Professional brand photos instantly attract more attention than pieced together phone photos or generic stock images. Creating unique images that reflect your brand’s aesthetic while illustrating who you are and what you do will set you apart from competitors.

3. Builds an Emotional Connection

People will always remember how you make them feel. Think about the emotions you want your ideal client to feel when they engage with your brand. Then evoke those emotions in your brand photos through your expressions, the setting, and what you’re doing in the photos. You’ll start to find that those who inquire start to feel like friends from the very first conversation because they already feel a connection to you!

4. Increases Engagement

Beautiful, on-brand images capture attention and draw in your viewer. Continuing to use intentional imagery keep your audience interested and engaged with the content you share. As engagement continues, you’ll begin to see higher conversion rates of viewers to clients.

5. Enhances Brand Consistency

Taking brand photos is all about strategy and intention. As my clients know, before we ever snap a photo, we deep dive into their branding. Maintaining the brand aesthetic within brand photos will reinforce a business’ branding. Taking into account style, colors, emotions, actions, etc. all reinforce brand recognition and strengthens brand identity.

There you have it – one investment with five major benefits.

Brand Photography is absolutely an investment and utilizing them will pay dividends. Taking brand photos for your business is your way of saying ‘I know investing X dollars in my business will produce valuable results that will exceed the expense’.

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Emily Marcella is a Northern Virginia Personal Brand Photographer with the goal to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create intentional marketing imagery that will help them connect with their audience and elevate their branding. Emily follows a strategic three step approach and will take the overwhelm out of creating content for your business.


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