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Brand Session: Choose Joy Creative a Boutique Marketing Agency in Northern Virginia

You know when someone comes into your life and at first you don't think much of it but when you look back you realize the major impact they've made?

That's this girl right here! Jorden, the founder of Choose Joy Creative, is a catalyst for so much joy and positivity.

Jorden came across my Instagram profile while searching for a brand photographer in Northern Virginia. She reached out to share that she was starting a business offering marketing services to small businesses and needed brand photography.

Props to Jorden for realizing the importance of brand photos at the very beginning of her business journey. I have no research to back up this claim but I swear having good visuals at the start of your business can save you 6-12 months of piecing photos together to try and illustrate your brand (something I should have done from the beginning!).

Working with Jorden through planning and during our session was such a treat. While being prepared for brand photos is important, it was her enthusiasm and trust in the process that took her photos to the next level.

The final gallery was so bright and beautiful! Keep reading to see more examples of Jorden's brand photos. And if you're considering marketing help within your own business, I encourage you to reach out to Jorden for a discovery call.

Focus 1: Creativity

Creative is in the name! Choose Joy Creative approaches each client individually to meet them where they're at within their business. From there, Jorden uses her creativity and unique perspective to develop a marketing strategy that increases awareness and builds demand. We wanted to show Jorden in a creative space while also working. Including pops of color, showing her designing, and working on a client materials all bring out a sense of creativity within her business. On a personal level, Jorden appreciates time to be creative. We show her arranging beautiful flowers to give a deeper sense of creativity.

Focus 2: Storytelling

Every small business has a unique story to tell. How they started their business, the 'why' that drives them - Jorden has a passion to learn that business' unique story and find ways to share with their audience. Within her brand photos, we wanted to bring the concept of storytelling through showing books with meaning, journaling, and writing content. One piece that was particularly thoughtful on Jorden's part are the books she chose to include. The titles of these books pair together nicely with her brand's mission and values.

Focus 3: Community

Jorden has an innate ability to foster community, making everyone feel welcomed and celebrated. She values community in her personal life and within her business. After all, she was raised in Loudoun County, Virginia, so the area holds an important meaning. Being that community is an important value within her own business, we wanted to illustrate ways Jorden encourages community within her brand photos. A few ways community was captured in her session include - showing her bringing fresh baked bread to the table, giving a nod to area businesses within her community, and showing joyful celebration.

About Choose Joy Creative

Choose Joy Creative is a full-service marketing agency helping small businesses in Northern Virginia. Jorden takes the time to learn the unique stories of each of her clients as a means to strategically connect with their audience through various marketing efforts. Interested in learning more about Choose Joy Creative? Visit the website and connect with Jorden on Instagram!

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

You have brand photos on the brain - let that be your sign to inquire! I would love to learn more about your business and what you had in mind for your brand photos. Let's schedule a discovery call and chat!


About Emily Marcella for Creative Brands

Emily Marcella is a Northern Virginia Personal Branding Photographer serving creative small business owners. Emily has a three-part approach to brand photography - together we plan strategically in order to shoot creatively and generate images that allow you to market intentionally.


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