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Brand Photos: Home with Ellie B a Homemaking Coach based in Northern Virginia

I'll raise my hand and admit that I've never heard of a homemaking coach before. Truthfully when I saw Ellie's email come through I thought my husband had put her up to something!

The more I spoke with Ellie the more a homemaking coach made perfect sense especially for the current generation of homemakers.

We all want the perfect home but truly what does that mean? There's a whole industry and some very popular personal brands that lead you to believe if you have a trendy well-decorated home, you'll be happy. Hello, shiplap and 'modern farmhouse'-all the things!

And for awhile I believed the same thing. Thankfully, Ellie came along and inspired me to think differently.

During our calls she shared the beauty in home making and this concept of home is where everything begins. She, without knowing it, called out my biggest pet peeve about homemaking - it's a constant (never ending) cycle. Dishes, laundry, cleaning up the kitchen. What are three things that constantly need to be done?

Each time we concluded a conversation, I felt so seen for how much work maintaining a home is and felt motivation to go tend to something in my home.

If I can feel that way after talking about homemaking in the context of brand photography, then Ellie's coaching clients are in for a true transformation!

Allow me to share our session together and what we gathered were purposeful areas to focus on for her brand photos.

Theme One: Creating Home

During our planning call, Ellie made a comment about home being everyone's safe haven - a place where you're safe, comfortable, and at ease. After all, Ellie is a homemaking coach, so it was fitting to show her 'creating home'. That is tending to the details, enjoying her space, and illustrating the day-to-day tasks that make a home. These images were all created within the framework of her cozy, warm, and inviting brand aesthetic.

Theme Two: Hospitality

Admittedly I needed Ellie's guidance with our second theme. Before meeting Ellie, I would have equated hospitality to having a big celebration or leaving it up to the actual hospitality industry. After working with Ellie, I now see it as a much more robust yet simple concept. It's truly about welcoming someone into your home and making them feel comfortable.

To illustrate hospitality, we showed Ellie in a few scenarios. The first being the dining table scene. Ellie put together a table scape of items she regularly uses with a few extra details that make the setting feel special. Then we moved into having a movie night with the good snacks but elevate the evening with the fancy wine glasses. Finally, showing how you'd host over night guests by having coffee and breakfast readily available the next morning.

Bottom line hospitality needed to be shown in a natural way - simply welcoming a guest into your home and being intentional about hosting them.

Theme Three: Coaching & Services

She is a coach and we needed to show her as such. We showed Ellie as she would appear for her online coaching sessions, resources she'd recommend to coaching clients and where she's gained value as a homemaker. Creating images of her using the tools and systems that she shares with clients lends to building credibility and trust with her ideal clients.

Learn More About Home with Ellie B

Home with Ellie B offers homemaking coaching services to help women develop routines around the care of their home and themselves, as the homemaker. Mindset, processes, and organization play a big role in the art of homemaking and Ellie can inspire and educate you to do all three consistently. Ellie has over 25 years of experience as a homemaker and strategic planner. She is absolutely a source of inspiration and motivation. I highly recommend that you check out her website and follow along on YouTube and Instagram.

About this Location - Rixeyville Haven

This Home Studio List location was a dream! So beautiful, perfectly curated, neutral decor and the natural light was perfection. Rixeyville Haven is located in Rixeyville, Virginia. Curious where you could take your brand photos? Ask! There are so many great locations to rent, including this one!


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