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Rock Your Brand Photos – 3 Ways to Feel More Confident In Front of the Camera

“Okay, so I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera”

Resonate with you? Maybe you’ve even said these words before?

Hey, there! It’s me – your seat mate. I’m sitting right next to you on the same boat.

One fact remains, however, you’re here because you’re considering brand photography. You also realize that the value of having brand photos outweighs your fear of being in front of the camera.

In a world where great visual content speaks volumes, your ability to present yourself with confidence is key to building brand awareness and connecting with your audience.

Let’s dive into three ways you can present yourself with confidence and ease –

1. Dress for Success

Let’s take the attention of pictures and talk about what you’d like to wear. What do you love to wear and feel like your best self in? That’s what you should wear for your photos! We’ve all heard – when you look good, you feel good. Well, when you feel good, you look good. You’ll walk with more confidence knowing that you present yourself well. So what are those outfits for you? Favorite pair of jeans that fit just right? A dress that has a little twirl to it? Plan a few of them for your brand photos. You’ll see the difference it makes! Of course, this comes with a disclaimer – we all have those articles of clothing that should never leave the house because they’re holey but they’re oh-so comfortable. I’m not talking about those items! Save those for the phone calls where no one can see you 😉

2. Embrace the Nerves –

Yes, if you’re feeling nervous about being in front of the camera…embrace the feeling. Acknowledge what you’re feeling – anxious, nervous, shy. Then give yourself the permission to feel your feelings. You’re human, after all. Once you’ve acknowledged and felt those feelings – move forward with your photos. Like we identified before, the value of having the brand photos outweighs being nervous. Lean into the planning process, find ways to feel prepared (get your attire and props ready), and show up. Yes, tell yourself all you have to do is show up. Your photographer will take the reins and lead you to brand photo success. Which leads me to…

3. Work with the Right Photographer

Ever meet someone and just feel like you’ve known them forever? You naturally feel more at-ease around them. Hiring a photographer is no different. Have a conversation (yes, like an actual phone call) with the photographers you’re considering for your brand photos. See which photographer you feel drawn to; which one is easy to talk with. That’s the photographer you should hire. Feeling comfortable and connected with your photographer will automatically give you a confidence boost. You can share with them your apprehension and they’ll be able to guide you through the session. Truth be told – a good photographer will build your confidence whether you’re uncomfortable or feel like an old pro!

Listen, the vast majority of us do not wake up and get in front of the camera. Tell yourself ‘I’ve got this!’ because you do. You are so, so capable of showing up and leaning into the experience. Your business will thank you, your audience will embrace you, and you will be so pleased that you faced your fear!

I believe in you!

And, hey, if you’re still with me, then odds are good something I’ve said resonated with you. Drop me a note and let’s have a quick call about your brand photos. I’m so excited to cheer you on and create intentional brand photos for your business!

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Emily Marcella is a Northern Virginia Personal Branding Photographer serving creative small business owners. Emily has a three-part approach to brand photography - together we plan strategically in order to shoot creatively and generate images that allow you to market intentionally.


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