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Product photography for eCommerce businesses in Northern Virginia

Make more sales with on-brand product photography.

Save More Time             Increase Perceived Value               Build Credibility               Sell More Products

You know you need high-quality photos to sell 
more products online, and have realized…

✗  You’re not in love with the quality of your product photos and you’re not sure how to take better pictures.

✗  You have a vision for your product photos, but the idea taking them yourself stops you from taking action.

✗  You *could* do it yourself, but you’d rather have a professional photographer do what they do best.

✗  Your time is better spent on other money-making areas of your business.

3 Steps to Make More Sales with
On-Brand Product Photography


Plan Strategically

Together, we’ll create a strategic plan for your product photography session that aims to show off your products and increase their perceived value through clean, consistent, on-brand imagery.


Shoot Creatively

You show up with your amazing products and I’ll creatively capture them in their best light.


Market Intentionally

I’ll deliver your library of intentional, ready-made product images for you to use throughout your online store and other eCommerce and marketing channels.

Professional Photography Enhances the Perceived Value of Your Products

Let's Match You with the Perfect Service for Your Needs

I AM A. . .

New Business Owner

I’m selling a product and am in need of consistent photos of my product.

I AM A. . .

Business Pro

I am looking to enhance my current product photos and take new images of my products as they arise.

I AM A. . .

Business on a Budget

I am looking to get started with product photography.


Sevice Match

Product Photography Services

eCommerce Product Photography

Create clean and consistent images of your products
to use on your eCommerce platform.


  • Up to 4 angles of the product

  • Images taken on a clean solid color backdrop

  • High-res PNG files with transparent background


Style Product Photography

Create on-brand images that highlight your products in styled settings. Best for social selling. 


eCommerce + Styled Product Photography


eCommerce Photography
Styled Photography
eCommerce + Styled


Product photography packages are tailored to the number 
of products and project specifications.

Please contact us for details about your products to receive an estimate.

Looking for Something Else?



Brand Photography

I have a small business and need professional photography to showcase my business on my website, social media, and other ongoing marketing efforts.


Brand Videography

I’m a small business owner and want to create simple on-brand video content to use within my social media and content marketing strategy.



A Mini Session

I am a returning client of Emily Marcella for Creative Brands and have a small one-off marketing project I would like to have professionally shot.

"Emily did such a great job with my brand photos! She was very good at analyzing my brand style and preparing my for my session. I’m not great at solo photos, but she guided me the whole time and made me feel comfortable. She had great ideas and even helped me with social media post concepts. I’m so in love with how the photos came out! I really think they elevate my social media and overall brand. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for branding photography!"

Allison E.

Designs by Allison Renee

Emily Marcella Northern Virginia Brand Photography Product Image.jpg

Yes, I'm ready to
elevate my brand!

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