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Brand Session: NOVA House Hunt with Brittany Hunt, Real Estate Agent

Timing has a funny way of working out! Brittany and I connected at a time when I needed a reminder just how wonderful real estate agents can be.

My husband and I were in the the middle of working with an out-of-state agent who was missing the mark time after time. He and I figured that maybe we were the problem - setting unrealistic expectations for our agent.

Enter the lovely Brittany Hunt. Our initial interactions were over the phone and during those brief phone calls she was so quick to show her knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm for real estate.

Taking it a step further, Brittany shared stories of how she cares for her clients and will serve them as their friend first, being their advocate along their real estate journey.

Our real estate journey was coming to an end and the day before we closed on the out-of-state property, Brittany and I had our session together.

During our time together, we connected over our plans for the holidays, supporting our kids in their endeavors, and home improvements and projects.

Brittany's kindness shone through as she was kind enough to listen to what I was experiencing the day before closing and offering to coach me through it - like what?!

Not her job yet she was willing to share her knowledge and experience to help someone else out in a time of confusion. And I absolutely appreciate the validation that what we were experiencing was not normal.

Brittany was so easy to talk with and our time flew by! Her beautiful home served as the location for her brand photos and she did a great job incorporating her client experiencing while sharing her personality.

Continuing reading this blog post to see more images from her personal branding session and the areas we decided to focus on for her session.

Focus One: The Friend First

Brand photography is a means to visually connect with your audience and begin to build a relationship.

As mentioned before, in the conversation Brittany and I had during our planning call, it was abundantly clear that Brittany values the relationships she has with her clients. Buying or selling a home is a huge step for a family and she wants them to know they can trust her and she has their best interests in mind.

In the 'Friend First' focus, I wanted to create imagery that brought out Brittany's personality. Showing hospitality and warmth she puts into her client relationships. Bringing in positive, joyful emotions and open body language allowed us to create inviting personal brand images illustrating this focus.

Focus Two: Superior Service

Brittany started our planning call dropping real estate knowledge. So it was abundantly clear we needed to illustrate the superior service Brittany provides in her real estate experience. Highlighting the client journey - inquiry, research, reviewing listings, preparing a seller, staging a home, and setting up for an open house - were all useful in bringing out this area of focus.

A tip if you're planning your brand photos - think in terms of what you do and how you do it. Having photos that illustrate those two points will make content marketing easy. Your audience can always use a reminder of the services you offer mixed in with your personality and personal posts.

Focus Three: Happy Home Buyers & Sellers

Building on to focus two, this area of focus reminds Brittany's audience that she is a real estate agent ready to help them on their journey. Buying or selling, Brittany is prepared to walk them through leading with confidence and care.

These images may be more of the 'what you'd expect' from a brand session and yet they are critical to keep your services top of mind in your marketing.

Connect with Brittany Hunt, Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent

Looking for someone who will put the heart into home buying and selling? Brittany Hunt of NOVA House HUNT is the perfect agent for you. Brittany will have you two steps ahead of the process both in being prepared and educated. Get to know Brittany online and on Instagram and get started on home buying journey.


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