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Extreme Brand Loyalty Had Me Doing What?!

Hey, there...Ready For It?

Another blog post that hopefully gives you something to think about.

When I was writing this, I was thinking ahead to a long awaited trip. I imagined I'd be listening to tunes, sipping iced coffee, and chatting it up with a good friend on a road trip.

To where you ask? Pittsburgh.

Now am I staying in Pittsburgh? No. I'll be 30+ minutes away in Gibsonia, PA.

Staying in a quaint little hotel that has a cringe-worthy jacuzzi tub in the middle of every room.

So why am I on this road trip to a tiny town outside of where I actually want to visit? Extreme brand loyalty.

It's a personal brand. A brand so personal that fans are going to the extremes just to experience this personal person.

She goes by the name of Taylor Swift. WAIT...Stay, Stay, Stay. Don't Blame Me, I swear there's relevance to your business.

Love her or hate her or indifferent to her, she knows a thing or two about branding. Consider her a personal brand Mastermind.

Quite literally she's called out every single one of her brands with The Eras Tour and has created an experience that starts well before she ever takes the stage.

And I'm here for it. [with some minor hesitations and eye-rolls]

*Disclaimer* Totally glossing over the ticket controversy and all the re-releases of albums in what seems like a money grab. This email is not about that. Let's keep this high-level., I mean fans...are leaning in hard to everything Taylor has to offer. I find myself learning about hidden meanings, Easter eggs, and guessing what surprise guests she may have show up on her 13th city. Hits Different when 13 is her favorite number.

Stepping back and looking at Taylor Swift as a personal brand, however, there are some valuable takeaways. For the sake of scroll-ability, I'll keep it brief.

Lesson One: Embrace Reinvention

Taylor Swift has shown us that it's okay to change and Begin Again. She outgrew country music and evolved into pop music. Then went from a dark intensity to a light-hearted pastel world. Everything Has Changed and all the while fans embraced every era and anticipated the next version.

Your Take Away: It's okay to try something new. Mix up your offering, change up your branding, go after a new demographic - see where your mind continues to wander and take it as a sign to reinvent.

Lesson Two: Find Ways to Give Freely

Taylor works hard and makes a lot of money. There's no Dancing [With Our Hands Tied] around it. But what she does do well is freely give in ways her audience values. Fans love the hidden messages, symbolism in the artwork, and surprises she carefully curates.

Your Take Away: Reflect on your client experience and what you share with your audience. What positive feedback do you hear repeatedly? What content does your audience engage with the most? Then put some time into giving more in those areas.

OR - wild idea - Thing about something you'd love to give. Is it a gift with symbolic meaning? *Spoiler* I love to send hand-written cards at the holidays to every client who provides me an address. Each client gets two of my favorite shots from our session as prints. Recently, a returning client mentioned that she looks forward to her card every year!

Lesson Three: Share, Share, Share

Listen to a few of her songs closely and you'll realize she's sharing her real life. Are they bolstered for creative purposes? Of course. Fans know more about her relationships, friendships, and life style probably more than any other artist because she shares about them consistently through her music.

Your Take Away: There are others out there that do the same thing as you but no one out there is you - your uniqueness is Untouchable. Feel free to share more of yourself, whatever you feel comfortable with, because I guarantee your audience wants to hear it and/or can relate to you!

So what do you think? Have I converted you into a Swiftie?

You don't have to change your opinion of her. My feelings won't be hurt.

Long Story Short - What I do hope you take from this blog post is that...

  1. It's okay to change and reinvent

  2. Give value freely

  3. Share yourself

*Breathe* Stepping off of my soap box now!

In Closure, appreciate the time you spend with me in this blog post and truly hope you're prompted to reflect on your business.

You're doing great things!

PS. How many references to Taylor Swift song titles did you count?

More About The Images In This Post

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