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3 Things to Consider when Selecting a Location for Your Personal Branding Photos

As you search and browse and search some more for the perfect location for your brand photos, it's beneficial to truly evaluate a space before booking.

Your photographer is always a great resource when planning your brand photos and may even have location ideas for you.

If you're doing your homework on a location while planning your brand photos, then these three tips are for you!

1. Natural Light

Is it selfish of me to make natural light number one on the list? Probably but it's so important I cannot emphasize natural light enough!

A space with good natural light will instantly make taking photos easier and will instantly elevate your personal brand photos. Why is this?

Natural light that fills an indoor space is easy to work with, as opposed to using off-camera flash or light fixtures found in the location. Colors are more accurate, photos will look clean, and there's an authenticity to natural light.

You'll want to look for spaces that have windows, doors, and even skylights. Windows should be plentiful and normal (or large) in size. Any curtains or blinds should be able to fully open up to expose the whole window. Doors with glass panels, like French doors, are great to have. Sometimes situations even allow for opening a door to let natural light in. Skylights may be rare to find but are always helpful to illuminate a space from above.

Found a space you love but aren't sure of the natural light situation? Always ask your photographer before booking or renting a space for your brand photos.

2. Versatility within the Location

As you're planning your personal branding photo session, you'll likely come up with storylines or a narrative you'd like to create imagery for and a desire to have variety in your brand photos.

For example, storylines of how you work, what you like to do in your free time, and a general sense of your lifestyle are all good storylines for a personal brand. These three aspects would benefit from different spaces.

If you're considering renting a home (like one found on Home Studio List), then you'll want a home that has a cohesive look throughout their home office, living room, kitchen, and maybe even outside the house. If you're going for something more professional like an office space, then maybe you're looking for a close coffee shop or restaurant, and a nearby park.

Versatility within or around your location is key! First, you're looking for variety in your photos. Second, whether you realize it or not, you're looking to maximize your time while reducing your effort to get the most value out of your brand photography session.

Work with your photographer to identify those storylines and then evaluate what space or spaces would work best before booking a location for your brand photos. Utilize your photographers knowledge - they have a lot of experience planning the logistics around branding sessions.

3. Décor That's Cohesive with Your Brand

The goal is always to find the absolute perfect space for your brand photos - so perfect you could walk right in and feel like the space was designed just for you!

However, the realty tends to be that aspects of the space are perfect for your brand and there are some features that detract from your brand.

Before booking a location for your brand photos, take the time to really look at the space and identify what it is that doesn't fit with your vision for your photos. Can these be easily taken care of either by removing or hiding them?

Features that can be easily removed or replaced include decorative accents, throw pillows, plants or florals, books, etc.

If you do decide to remove an item, then consider whether something needs to go in its place. Removing items for a simplified look is one thing, removing items and the space feeling empty is another. It's always good to bring accents that match your brand's aesthetic as a just-in-case!

Paint colors, furniture, curtains, wall art, architectural aspects, and the like are permanent aspects of your location and need to be on-point for your brand photography to be successful.

Find yourself wishing you could copy and paste a location into your own home? Or like a space was made for your personal brand? That's a good indication you need to book the location for your brand photos!

Bonus: Make Sure You'll Actually Use the Space

I've been guilty of this - browsing locations and falling in love with how cute the bedroom or bathroom is and wanting to book the space because it's all just so perfect. Hellooo are you going to take pictures in the perfectly decorated tiny powder room? Probably not. Of course there are brands out there that could benefit from a good looking bathroom but really evaluate if your brand would benefit.

This bonus tip really marries tip two and three together. Yes, a space needs to have variety and should be cohesive with your brand. Just be sure that cohesive versatile space fulfills your goals and objectives for your brand photos!

Liked the Photos You Saw in This Post?

You're in luck! This Northern Virginia Airbnb named Fresh Comfort is located in The Plains and is available to rent for your brand photography session. Fresh Comfort, as listed on Home Studio List, has an A-rating for natural light, offers a living room, kitchen, dining or work space, and two different bedrooms to meet your photography needs. Plus, I'm the photographer behind these Airbnb photos. You'll also find an adorable main street, a park and accessible outdoor spaces, little restaurants, and an antique store, all within walking distance.

Personally, I would recommend this space for creative personal brands. Photographers, virtual assistants, social media managers, could all benefit from taking their brand photos at this location.

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