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Better Together: Why a Group Brand Session May Be Your Best Move

As a solo business owner, we do so much on our own! It's a blessing and usually a reason why we went into business.

On the flipside, however, being alone all the time can be a drain. You're constantly finding ways to hype yourself up, stay motivated, be your biggest cheerleader.

Northern Virginia Real Estate Agents, Kelly Snell, Jen Gessner, and Kerri Ralston

Now as we build our business there comes those friendships we make with other business owners who just get it. They understand the joy of independence and the longing for someone to collaborate with.

What about when it comes to a personal brand session? Going it alone has a wide variety of benefits, however, allow me to share a few reasons why you and your business bestie should consider a group brand session.

First, what is a group brand session?

Well, it's a personal branding photo session that you do together. You're both there to intentionally create visual marketing content to connect with your idea clients. Each of you will illustrate your own storylines, plan your own outfits, and put together your own props. Then at the end each of you walk away with a gallery of images.

So what are the benefits of a group brand session?

  1. Comfort in Numbers - We can all agree that being in front of the camera is no easy task. Then add on the pressure to smile, look natural, pose, bring the energy, etc., you're bound to feel a little out of your element. Of course, a good photographer will always strive to help you feel comfortable and guide you through posing. But when you add in a friend? Suddenly you're perfectly distracted, laughing with them, and having a good time. All of which shine through in your brand photos.

  2. Accountability and Encouragement - Being an entrepreneur means holding yourself accountable all the time. We all know from experience there are tasks and projects that will fall by the wayside, especially the ones we're not looking forward to or feel overwhelming. So when it comes to planning and carrying out your brand photos, doing it with a friend in business is an excellent way to have an accountability partner. Together you can hold each other accountable through the planning process and encourage each other along the way.

  3. Dynamic Storytelling - When you decide to take your photos with someone and actually take a few photos together, you have the ability to craft a dynamic story. You each bring your own unique talents to the table and together your talents play off of each other, creating even more value for your client.

Piquing your interest? Let's talk about who a group brand session is good for...

  • Real Estate Agents - are you an independent agent but work closely with others in your brokerage? It's the perfect opportunity to showcase positive collaboration amongst your team.

  • Complementing Creatives - Are you a copywriter who works closely with a web designer? Possibly your audiences overlap or even you share some of the same clients. Creating content showing this strategic partnership will make it easier to speak to potential clients about your collaboration.

  • Opposite Business Besties - Group sessions are a perfect set up even if your businesses are polar opposites. You two can each create content in the same place and same time knowing that you have two totally different audiences. The apprehension of similarities in content go by the wayside and you have a phenomenal time with your friend.

Lastly, A few tips to make your group brand session a success:

  1. Pick a location that vibes well with both of your brand aesthetics. Neutral is always a good starting point because it's easy enough to tailor a space to fit your brand with props.

  2. Taking photos together? Discuss wardrobe options that coordinate. Coordinating outfits means you can both keep your individual style while creating images that are aesthetically pleasing for your marketing purposes. You'll also want coordinate how dressed up you both want to get in your photos.

  3. Discuss with your photographer the amount of time you would each need to capture a solid library of brand photos. My recommendation is a minimum of 60 minutes each plus 30 minutes for set up and break down.

  4. Have a planning call together with your photographer to keep everyone on the same page. If you're interested in working with me, then we will certainly have a planning call that dives into your businesses, brands, marketing goals, and prepares us for your brand photos.

Interested in Having a Group Brand Photo Session?

Located in the Northern Virginia area (or willing to travel 😊 ) and you're ready to create intentional content with your creative business bestie, let's get the conversation started with a brief discovery call. I'll ask you two about what you envision for photos and we'll begin to discuss logistics. Let me know who you are and a good time to talk when you submit the contact for.

About the Photos in this Post

Liked the photos you saw in this post? Kelly Snell, Kerri Ralston, and Jen Gessner are three Northern Virginia real estate agents with Samson Properties in Gainesville, Virginia. Together these three ladies help each other out with their client experiences and staging needs. Interested in learning more about their services? Connect with them through their websites: Jen Gessner, Kelly Snell, and Kerri Ralston


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