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You May Need New Brand Photos If...

Makin' my way downtown, walkin' fast and the faces pass....

Remember that song? Vanessa Carlton actually wrote that song about brand photos. Very ahead of her time.

The original lyrics actually were:

Starin' at my phone,

Scrollin' fast,

and the faces pass

...and I forgot them all.

Catchy, huh? Yet A&M Records made her change the lyrics.

But now that you're humming it in your head, eerily hearing how well those lyrics work with the original song, let's talk about it...

The song was released in early 2002 and I know my pre-teen self listened to that song over and over. Along with the rest of the album on repeat. LISTEN...Taylor Swift wasn't a thing, I had to fill my time with something.

You know what else wasn't a thing in 2002? Social media. MySpace hadn't even launched.

But here we are 22 years later with the ability to hear that piano intro like it didn't just skip on our Walkman. And we remember the song because it made a lasting impression.

Honestly, beyond her first album, I didn't really keep up with the musings of Vanessa Carlton. And I personally can't say I remember any other singles she released.

[Insert where I just fell down a 30-minute rabbit hole about her life, music, social media, all the things]

So now I'm here to ask you - are you making a lasting impression with your audience? Are you continually putting out new content to maintain that impression?

Using the polished on-brand images that brand photography produces helps you to maintain awareness (aka a lasting impression) with your audience.

However, just like a musician releasing new music, you need fresh content.

You've taken brand photos before and have found success in using them - you made an impression with your audience. But just like A Thousand Miles faded from our radios, your existing brand photos have faded from your audience's awareness.

Knowing that you don't want to be a one-hit wonder, you're considering a new brand photo session.

Read along for a few signs that you're ready for new brand photos.

You May Need New Brand Photos If...

You're Expanding Your Service Offering

Toss the confetti! This is a big step for your business and your audience needs to hear about it. Well, really they need to see it, first.

Having a brand session when you're adding a new service offering will give you the visuals you need to support your marketing and sales strategy. These brand images should illustrate this new offering in a way that is eye-catching and informative to make an impression. Plus, to take new brand photos when you're launching a new service shows your clients you mean business and are ready to provide a quality experience.

You're Evolving Your Brand

Well if this isn't a 'no-brainer' I don't know what is. Making improvements to your branding certainly means new brand photos are in order.

Whether you're updating your brand's design, targeting a new audience, or shifting your brand experience, your brand photos should be updated to reflect the change.

Think about it - if you're a wedding photographer who's used to kicking your boots up with country-chic couples and are now shifting to a more urban-luxe couple, the visuals are different. You will want to appear more formal and bring in elegant visuals.

Even if you're making tiny changes like moving to a minimal aesthetic, fresh brand photos will help reinforce these brand upgrades. Your audience will take notice on both fronts - branding and photos - growing your brand awareness.

You're Growing Your Team

Growing your team or adding new service providers is a fantastic reason to get new brand photos. Your clients want to know who they're working with and will apt to look for about pages or team bios. Having consistent headshots and images of your team through out your brand will convey a personable sense of availability that clients crave.

You're Reusing the Same Photos

You can absolutely reuse your library of brand photos. They're intended to be versatile in your marketing efforts. Using your library of on-brand visual content consistently will maintain and build your audience's awareness of your brand.

However, if you find yourself reusing the same shots over and over, especially in the same marketing channel, then it's time for fresh content.

New content will reinvigorate your marketing - you'll be excited to create and your audience will be excited to engage.

You Personally Change

Change is inevitable and likely you'll change your appearance through out your business journey. Showing up as your authentic self - as your clients would see you when you're working together - is invaluable to your brand.

So whether you're mixing up your hair style, into a new fitness journey, or realizing you've glowed up from your last brand photos - give yourself the gift of new brand photos to keep your brand image honest and authentic.

You Feel Inspired

When the marketing creativity is flowing, taking brand photos is a great thing! Your brand photos will keep the inspiration flowing through into your marketing well into the future.

Share your creative vision with your photographer to build up the momentum. Together you two will bring the vision to life.

Schedule Your Brand Photos Today

Ready to bring your vision to life? The first step is to schedule a discovery call by submitting this form. We'll talk about your business and how to create intentional brand pictures to support your marketing goals.

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Melody Visser is a Loudoun County Real Estate Agent helping her clients buy and sell their homes. Being a resident of Ashburn, Melody is able to be the local connection for those looking to call the Northern Virginia area home. This was our second brand photo session together. Melody knows the importance of creating and sharing new content with her clients and a brand session helps her do just that. Connect with Melody on Instagram or through her website.


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Emily Marcella for Creative Brands is a Northern Virginia Brand Photographer helpding creative small businesses and personal brands show up in their marketing. We'll work together to strateically create intentional imagery to support your marketing efforts.


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