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The Creative Business Community For Women

The Creative Business Community for Women | The Creative Brand Collective

There you are! I was looking for you – the passionate and driven woman on her entrepreneurial journey. You are living the small business lifestyle. Continually learning, implementing, and growing in order to best serve your creative brand and the clients who have grown to love you. But who is supporting you?

You see, the small business lifestyle can be a hard one. Those in your closest circle are there cheering you on but do they really understand what you’re going through?

Of course, my circle is supportive of what I’m doing and want to understand the challenges I face but there’s just something missing. I was right where you are until I started talking to other women who owned their own creative brands.

Talking with someone on the same entrepreneurial journey and living the same small business lifestyle was fulfilling on a new level. She understood the thoughts running through my mind, the effort it took to balance the small business lifestyle with a relationship and a family, the constant feeling that I needed to be doing more…

Owning your own business is thrilling and exhausting at the same time.

You’re searching for a small business Facebook group that meets you where you are and is a safe space to be yourself.

You desire to connect with other creative women entrepreneurs who just get it. That running a business not only means juggling many business roles but also finding the balance between your small business lifestyle and personal life.

You desire a safe space where you can feel supported and celebrated when you open up and share, whether it’s accomplishing a small task or a big, pop-the-bubbly, monumental moment.

You’re looking for a creative brand community that’s open to sharing resources that have helped them learn, grow, and feel inspired to continue on with their entrepreneurial journey.

I’d like to personally invite you to The Creative Brand Collective because you’re someone the collective needs to meet. Allow us to be a source of support and a comfortable place to connect with other creative brands living the same small business lifestyle.

While you may be one woman show, you can travel through your entrepreneurial journey knowing you have a community that stands with you.


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