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Brand Photos: Melody Visser Loudoun County Real Estate Agent

What's the biggest purchase or sale you'll make in a lifetime? For most, that's a home.

The home buying process is one that take time, information, and a real estate agent who will advocate for you.

Melody Visser is a Northern Virginia Real Estate Agent based in Loudoun County. She is an expert in all things Ashburn and Loudoun County with a wealth of knowledge on the area and how to make it home.

During Melody's personal brand photos, we focused on three themes - client care and experience, connection, and the feeling at home. With these themes in mind, the goal is to create images that will communicate values shared between Melody and her clients as well as illustrate a client will experience working with her.

Theme One: Client Care and Communication

Melody's clients rave about her pro-active communication! She knows that answering questions before they arise and being in contact with her clients will make the home buying process more enjoyable and easier for everyone. You'll see in these brand photos how we chose to focus on communication tools like printed guides, technology and even a padfolio for note taking at home showings.

Theme Two: Connection

Authentically connecting with your clients carries value in any industry, especially so in real estate. A homebuyer wants to know they're in good hands and can trust who they're working with. Creating photos that brought out Melody's personality was key. Her intention was to use these photos on social media while sharing more about her life and expertise. A lovely touch was incorporating the Virginia Living magazine, as she's a long-time resident of Virginia and can be a resource for those looking to call this area home.

An image I'd like to point out would be of Melody on the plain backdrop holding up her hands. These photos are excellent for generating graphics in your marketing. Adding yourself gesturing or pointing at a headline will capture attention quicker than just plain text. Viewers will then associate you, your personality, and expertise all together building the golden 'know, like, trust' factor in your marketing.

Theme Three: Feeling at Home

Speaking with Melody on the phone and getting to know who she was gave me the sense of 'feeling at home' with her calm and approachable demeanor. I wanted that same sense to come through in her photos. Her clients are looking for the next space to call home and what better way than with someone who knows how home should feel. Showing Melody attuned to details while relaxed in her space helped illustrate this theme.

Brand Photography for Real Estate Agents in Northern Virginia

If you're a real estate agent looking to build a connection with your audience, then personal brand photos are right for you. Let's discuss how you uniquely help your clients find their next home and illustrate those qualities in photos. Personal branding photos for real estate agents help you build awareness, authentically connect, and give you visuals to intentionally market your services.

Looking for a location to take personal brand photos in Northern Virginia?These brand photos were taken at Studio at 428 in Leesburg, Virginia.


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