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3 Ways Brand Photography Adds Value To Your Small Business

Your dream client lands on your website – what do they see that reflects you?

Not just a portfolio of the end result from working with you. Or your logo and brand colors.

Are they seeing a couple pieced together photos of you? Maybe it’s just the dated headshot taken on a phone that filled the spot on your about page.

Feeling called out? It’s not personal, we’ve all been there! Might I suggest exploring how brand photography can add value to your business?

What is brand photography?

Brand photography is a collection of cohesive images that exemplify a business’ offerings, message, values, and client experience and are developed through strategic means so that they can be used to intentionally market the business.

Phew! Okay, so the definition sounds fancy and all but what does that mean for you – the business owner?

Why is Brand Photography important?

Allow me to share the value of brand photography for small businesses and why it's important:

Brand Photography Increases Credibility & Earns Trust

It takes 50 milliseconds to form a first impression. That’s according to a study done by Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. 50 milliseconds is 0.05 seconds and definitely not enough time to win someone over with your words. That means your visuals need to be on-point! Polished, high-quality images throughout your brand and marketing will instantly increase credibility with your audience. They’ll see you’re a professional and that you place value on what you share with the world. Meaning your client will trust you’ll provide a quality experience for them, as well!

Brand Photography Improves Connection with Your Audience

Showcase your personality with your brand photography and allow your ideal client to feel connected with you – before you ever even speak! This is the key to your favorite personal brand accounts on IG. They’re showing up and showing you more about them in an authentic way. When planned well, brand photography gives you the same opportunity that your favorite personal brands take advantage of – creating visual content that you’re going to love while telling their story in ways that appeal to you.

Brand Photography Allows You to Communicate Messages and Values Visually

This works on multiple levels. First, you can illustrate multiple facets of your business. The services you offer, your client experience, where your work takes place, etc. Second, you can communicate your personality, values, and strengths through your brand photography. Is your ideal client someone who values a passionate service provider? Let’s incorporate visuals of you outside of work mode, working on your business enthusiastically or hands-on practicing your craft.

Above all, strategic brand photography can be a strong tool to market intentionally with images that reflect you, are cohesive with your brand, and lay a positive foundation with your ideal client.

Which of the three points struck a chord with you? Let that be your sign it’s time to explore brand photography.

Let's discuss how brand photography can benefit your small business.


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